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Louisville Stoneware Country Blue Flower

Rare Duck Cassarole Country Blue Flower by Louisville Stoneware

Interested in having a rare piece of local flare showcased in your kitchen? Maybe you’ve been eyeing the Country Flower Blue pattern for some time or you’re missing a key piece of your current set, then this would be the perfect dish for you. Eyedia received a rare and local set of Louisville Stoneware Country Blue Flower.

Louisville Stoneware was established in 1815 and has a rich history for this area. The Country Flower Blue pattern, featured on the set we received is in perfect condition!
Take a look at all the pieces below.

We have specialty pieces like this Duck Casserole Dish.
 It measures  13 inches from handle to handle and four inches tall.              


You can add a 32 piece set to add to your collections

Or just replace a couple of pieces you are missing!