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Consignment Furniture might be the answer

So you’ve inherited all of Aunt Mabel’s furniture. Approach it as a grand adventure not a daunting task! Say you have decided you only want her dining table and wish to divest yourself of everything else, your next call should be to eyedia. As Louisville’s premier furniture consignment store, eyedia can help plan the next few steps and replace your chaos with calm.

Eyedia has provided quality consignment furniture and home decor since 2004. The staff works hard to study trends in design, researching the old and the new, enabling customers to feel confident their items will be priced to assure a win-win situation for all. Whether it be a mid-century Heywood Wakefield table, a traditional cherry dining room set or a funky re-purposed cabinet made from an old chicken coop, eyedia strives to bring a wide variety of items to the consumer, at far below the price of new pieces.

So what about Aunt Mabel’s stuff? Ok, you want the dining table. Now, ask relatives to do a quick walk through. Anybody else want anything? No? Good! Here we go!

  • Pile #1 Trash. Broken, stained, worn-out. Put it in the trash!
  • Pile #2 Donate. Out of style, anything mauve, bad art, ugly lamps. Call your favorite charity!
  • Pile #3 Consign with eyedia. Useable, stylish, quality furniture and home decor. Call eyedia!

Not sure what “bad art” is? We will tell you, gently. We might also have to do a reality check regarding TV armoires and Mabel’s pink floral sofa, but we will do it with all due respect to you and Mabel.

Don’t go it alone! Let’s talk. We will get through this together.

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