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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Lighting In Your Home

Many of us have that thing that we are drawn to “collecting” without even realizing it.  For some it is just one more piece of pottery or for others it may be just one more piece of original art.  My weakness?  That would be lamps.  I have more table lamps than I will ever need!  I seem to be drawn to lamps with interesting textures that I might not have in my room such as an architectural metal, stone or wooden table lamp.  For example, at eyedia right now we have a table lamp that is made of natural colored twigs with a burlap shade.  Love that one!

There is nothing in my opinion that takes the place of well-balanced task lighting (table and floor lamps).  Just as seating and surface placement are essential to living well in your space so is your lighting.  Many times I choose the soft light of a table lamp over other options.  For instance, in my kitchen I have recessed task lighting in my ceiling that is great for when I am cooking.  However, when I entertain I usually choose to light my favorite metal lamp that is placed on an old oak workbench.  It provides a glow in the room combined with candles lit on my table.

If you are in the market for a table lamp here are 5 tips I give customers:

  1. Look around your room in daylight and in the evening to see if you currently have light where you need it. There may be ambient light (ceiling fixtures), however, that does not take the place of task lighting.
  2. The easiest way to determine how tall a lamp should be is to make sure that the bottom of the shade is around eye level. If the table lamp is too tall you will end up looking right into a bulb.  Sometimes the lamp is fine but the shade sits just a bit too high.  In that situation all you need to do is change the harp.
  3. If you are in need of table lamps on either side of a bed or sofa the lamps should be at the same height. They do not have to match necessarily but they do need to be at the same level.  Sometimes it is easier to select a matching pair of table lamps instead of going to the trouble of trying to even them up.
  4. Where space is limited a floor lamp could fit the bill. I love the look of two matching floor lamps on either side of a sofa.
  5. If your lamp needs a new shade for reading it is best to select one that has a larger bottom than the top. Barrel shades, which are very popular right now, divide the light between task light and reflecting light off the ceiling.

eyedia always has a wide variety of table lamps to choose from whether consigned or new.  Table lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps, or small accent lamps just to name several.  We have just received a shipment of new table lamps.  Many are in pairs.  Come in and check them out.  You might just find your inspiration piece!

Find Quality Area Rugs at Half the Price at eyedia!

This is the time of year many of us are putting away our holiday décor and suddenly see our home as, well, bland or needing some pizzazz.  Now that the tree and lights are down in my living room it reminds me that I really need a rug on the floor to pull my room together.  I am around beautiful rugs for sale every day at eyedia and I simply cannot offer one good reason as to why I do not have a rug on my living room floor.  Especially since I have always had a passion for rugs.  The options are endless – the colors, textures, and the personality that an area rug instantly gives a room.  It is where I usually begin when I am designing a space in our showroom.

We receive rugs of all styles:  Modern Rugs, Oriental Rugs, Accent Rugs, Runners, Braided Rugs, Jute or Sisal Rugs, and Indoor/Outdoor Rugs just to name more than a few!  eyedia is a consignment store, however, we also have an amazing assortment of new rugs for sale as part of our selection at great prices.  Most importantly we hold the same quality standards to our consigned area rugs that we hold for our furniture and accessories.

Customers will come in to eyedia looking for inspiration for a room and when I mention looking at our area rugs it many times will give them color ideas as well as thinking about what buying a rug could do to transform their space.  Whether it is a hand crafted oriental area rug or a machine made modern area rug – it will shape, divide, and/or anchor your space.  Sometimes rolling out a rug will define the conversation area in your living room for the first time!

One of my favorite combinations is to take a modern or mid century sofa and place it on a vibrant geometric oriental rug with a modern glass top coffee table.  The beautiful hand knotted rug instantly becomes the art in the room.  Everything can build off of that oriental rug – the color of the walls, the lamps you choose, where the furniture is placed and so on…

I am going to get serious about finding a rug  – finally!  I invite you to come in and shop our entire selection of rugs for sale – it changes daily.  You might just find your inspiration piece!

Connie Roitman

Co-owner of eyedia

Room Rehab Designer Extraordinaire

and frequent blog contributor to


Beer and Brats on Baxter

Please Join Us for this FUN local event!  We have been hosting this Beer & Brats Event for 6 years and this is our first at the new location.

The event starts at 5pm

 926 Baxter Ave

Lots of parking in the back!  

This year we will also have a Split the Pot Raffle & gift certificates to win from local area businesses.




Faces of Louisville – StyleBlueprint

We love StyleBlueprint and we were thrilled when they decided to do an article on us in their Faces of Louisville column!  Take a look.

How did you two decide to open eyedia together?

Martha Neal and Diane: Met, talked, clicked, did it

How did you amass your inventory?

Martha Neal and Diane: We pleaded with friends. We went to auctions and yard sales. And word of mouth.

Tell us about the history of this beautiful building where eyedia is located.

Diane and Martha Neal: In the 1940s, it was built as a car dealership. In subsequent years, it was used as a mechanics/paint shop, a swimming supply sales shop, a warehouse for bank records, and it was vacant two years before we bought it.

To read the full article go to:

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