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Locally Made Tea Towels

eyedia is a quality furniture and home decor consignment store located in Louisville, KY. We have been in business for almost 12 years and we love all things local and handmade. We strive to sell the most diverse collection of merchandise around! One of the biggest reasons our customers love us so much is because we are all about buying local, giving back to the community, and giving our customers great deals!

Louisville Stoneware Country Blue Flower

Rare Duck Cassarole Country Blue Flower by Louisville Stoneware

Interested in having a rare piece of local flare showcased in your kitchen? Maybe you’ve been eyeing the Country Flower Blue pattern for some time or you’re missing a key piece of your current set, then this would be the perfect dish for you. Eyedia received a rare and local set of Louisville Stoneware Country Blue Flower.

Louisville Stoneware was established in 1815 and has a rich history for this area. The Country Flower Blue pattern, featured on the set we received is in perfect condition!
Take a look at all the pieces below.

We have specialty pieces like this Duck Casserole Dish.
 It measures  13 inches from handle to handle and four inches tall.              


You can add a 32 piece set to add to your collections

Or just replace a couple of pieces you are missing!