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Steampunk Gear, Props and Products

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Shop Steampunk Gear Inspired by the 19th Century

Steampunk Gear is inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. Design aspects of steampunk gear are a balance between form and function. Polished brass, iron, wood, and leather are appropriate materials in steampunk products. Steampunk gear craftsmanship is consistent with the Victorian era. Steampunk gear is a mixture of the Victorian era’s romantic view of science and elements from the Industrial Revolution. Steampunk products are designed with a post-apocalyptic era in mind.

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Steampunk Products come from an inspired movement of creativity and imagination.

The steampunk movement began in science fiction. Steampunk gear is inspired by the fantastical technologies in the works of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. Steampunk products can be anything using steam engines, clockwork gears and a faint hint of magic. Steampunk gear is an imaginative, fun manifestation of this fantastical world. Steampunk gear is what people in the 19th century might have envisioned for the future. Steampunk products are rooted in the era’s perspective on fashion, culture, architectural style and art. Steampunk gear inspires impressive designs.

Steampunk Gear is elaborate works of art, fashion, and mechanics.

Steampunk gear has evolved into a culture of imaginative dressing, inspired by the aesthetics of the past. A growing movement of adults is using steampunk gear to establish a culture and lifestyle. Steampunk gear is found in fashion, home décor, music, and film. Steampunk products enhance the philosophy that steampunk incorporates anti-establishment sentiments bolstered by optimism about human potential.

Fashion steampunk products tend to synthesize modern styles with influences from the Victorian era. Steampunk gear is part of a creative movement that has been growing in popularity. Steampunk products are becoming a major trend in the retail industry. High fashion lines have already introduced steampunk gear and styles on the runway.

Fashion Steampunk Gear & Products Include:

  • Bustles
  • Corsets
  • Gowns
  • Petticoats
  • Suits with waistcoats
  • Coats
  • Hop hats
  • Tailcoats
  • Spats
  • Military inspired garments

Steampunk gear and outfits are usually accented with technological and period pieces that include:

  • Steampunk Gear Timepieces
  • Steampunk Gear Parasols
  • Steampunk Gear Goggles
  • Steampunk Gear Ray Guns
  • Steampunk Wands
  • Steampunk Scepters
  • Steampunk Canes
  • Steampunk Weapons
Large selection of Steampunk Canes and Staffs at Eyedia.

Modern accessories like cell phones, computers, and robotics used as steampunk gear are modified to how they may have been designed in the Victorian-era. These steampunk gear items are created to be powered by steam. After the redesign, these retro-futuristic items are added to the individual’s steampunk gear.

Some steampunk gear offers post-apocalyptic elements, such as gas masks, ragged clothing and tribal motifs. Steampunk gear transforms into something new and expressive. Steampunk gear is all about mixing old and new. Steampunk gear fuses the usability of modern technology with the design aesthetic and philosophy of the Victorian age.

Steampunk Canes used as Steampunk Gear

Steampunk gear often includes a cane as a key part of the attire. Canes used as walking supports or as swagger sticks are familiar in Steampunk gear. Many of the canes and staffs used in steampunk gear have fine adornments, intricate carvings or decorative handles.

Steampunk gear is rooted in the era's perspective on fashion, culture, architectural style and art.

Mystical Steampunk Wands Used in Steampunk Gear

Magical Wands are often seen in Steampunk gear. Steampunk wands are a thin, hand-held rod said to have magical powers to cast spells or are ceremonial. Steampunk wands are associated with the element of fire, representing creative energy, passion, confidence, and charisma. Look at the Brass Arrow Wand offered by eyedia. This steampunk wand contains elements over 100 years old making it a unique one-of-a-kind magic steampunk wand. All pieces of this steampunk wand are crafted from vintage or antique metal. Longer versions of steampunk wands are styled as staves or scepters. Steampunk Scepters often have a design or an orb of a gemstone forged on the top. Eyedia offers a varied selection of steampunk wands and steampunk scepters for steampunk gear.

Steampunk Weapons

Futuristic Steampunk weapons are included into most steampunk fashion. These parts of the steampunk gear are sophisticated and deadly weapons of the future. Steampunk weapons include futuristic ray guns and particle beam pistols. These steampunk weapons suggest that future generations would meet their end by means of beams and minute particles which can’t be seen through the naked eyes. Look at the Crystal Orb Phaser offered by Eyedia. Guns are popular in Steampunk weapons, but there are other steampunk weapons available. Steampunk Weapons include:

  • Steampunk Guns
  • Steampunk Knives and Daggers
  • Laser Steampunk Weapons
  • Steampunk Rifles
  • Steampunk Wearable Weapons
  • Steampunk Swords

Visit Eyedia to view the fantasy steampunk swords available. A decorative steampunk sword is the Fantasy Fleur De Lis Sword with Stand. These steampunk swords would add an extra amount of dash and allure to anyone’s steampunk gear.

Steampunk Gear as Homemade Objects

Steampunk gear became popular as homemade objects between 2009 and 2011. This steampunk gear has little resemblance to established descriptions of steampunk. These crafts are usually found not to be sufficiently steampunk to warrant their use as steampunk gear. Authentically styled steampunk gear is available from Eyedia using over 100-year-old materials.

The artist at Eyedia constructs custom one-of-a-kind Steampunk gear. All steampunk gear is crafted from salvaged vintage or antique wood and metal that is re-purposed into each of these unique steampunk products.

Trust Eyedia for all your Steampunk Products! Eyedia offers only authentic Steampunk gear!

Used Furniture

Used furniture comes in many forms and in almost 12 years of consigning furniture, eyedia has seen its share of lamps. The good, the bad, the fabulous and the ugly, the really ugly. Louisville culture includes an ugly lamp competition,at the Kentucky State Fair. We are a city that revels in ugly lamps, awards ugly lamps, celebrates ugly lamps! Eyedia, on the flip side, works very hard to avoid them, be they floor models, table models or ones that hang from the ceiling..So what eyedia does bring to the shopper is an unbelievable variety of lamps..and about 80% of them are brand new.

Why is that? Why sell new lamps at a consignment store? Unlike a quality Willett cherry dining table or a Heywood Wakefield server, both built to last, most lamps have a limited life span. Lamps simply don’t live for ever. Metal becomes pitted and discolored, fittings loosen up. Colors come and go, styles change quickly. Who remembers beaded shades? Most times, if a consigner is ready to get rid of a lamp, the lamp is likely ready for donation. Lamp shades take a lickin’ over time. Out of shape, dirty and in too many cases, plastic!

Since the day eyedia opened its doors, we have been bringing customers unique, stylish, beautiful lamps. Our designers scour lamp showrooms all over the country to bring our customers a wonderful selection. We could be lazy to do it the easy way, buying bulk orders of common, boring, inexpensive beige lamps, the kind found in dozens of discount stores. These lamps serve one purpose, illuminating the room..but they fail to add any beauty or style to your home.Or we could succumb to a supplying high-end designer lamps with a price tag that can take your breath away. Eyedia has earned a reputation for offering lamps you will not find anyplace else in town at prices you can afford.

You will find a few used lamps in the store..but each will possess something special that attracted our attention. A kitschy mid-century with a panther? A stunning Waterford Crystal? A solid student desk lamp? A good transitional floor model? A floral ginger jar that isn’t pink? You might find any of these for sale at eyedia, on any given day.

So the next time you are in the market for a new lamp you need to check out eyedia. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised..and we have plenty of parking in the rear! We can light up your life!

Empty Nester, Keep or Consign the Furniture?

The day you knew would come has arrived. You got the text from the last of your kids still living at home;

” M, fnd apt. Gng to mv out tomrrw. Cmg 2 gt my furnture.” (Translation: Mom, I found an apartment. Going to move out tomorrow. Coming to get my furniture.)

You will be an empty nester very soon! At once, your head spins with the joy of having an empty nest. Plenty of clean towels, no one drinking straight out of the orange juice pitcher, no empty milk cartons in the fridge….one half the laundry, and on and on. You become wildly giddy, albeit briefly. You hear a voice scream inside your head…”what do you mean YOUR furniture, that’s MY furniture, buddy!

But wait a minute….take a good look at that bedroom set, Hard rock maple with a cowboy and wagon wheel motif. Seriously? You want that? O.K.Let’s assume you do, as my grandmother alway said, “there is no accounting for taste.”And sentimentality is one of the strongest emotions known to man.

On the other hand, maybe you are sick of the “Westward Ho the Wagon”: design style and you’d be happy to see it going out the front door.

Let eyedia walk you through this crisis…it may be a blessing in disguise.

If you want to keep Junior’s bedroom set, you’ll need to help him shop for his own furnishings. Eyedia can handle this challenge better than any other consignment furniture store in Louisville. Eyedia will give Junior the opportunity to set his own style, based on his personality, life- style and the chick magnet he thinks he is. We always have a wide selection of bed, dressers, night stands, lamps and rugs. He will likely want a cool living room. We always have great game-watching sofas, chairs and ottomans and rugs, But, may we suggest a glass top coffee table? Beers cans leave rings on wood!

But, if you can let the old stuff go…consider this, you’ll have a whole new room for yourself!!! What do you want it to be? Craft room? Office? Den? Or a new bedroom for Uncle Fred and Aunt Millie when they come for Christmas, or not. Eyedia can help you meet every need in furniture you might have. Our designers will assist you based on what YOU want, what YOU like. This is YOUR chance to have something for yourself. You know, like what you had before you had kids!

Come see us. Let us help you solve your furniture problem.

Here is the problem we can’t solve : M no fd cmg hm 4 dnr. Brgng a cup frnds. Lvu!

Translation: Mom, no food, coming home for dinner. Bringing a couple friends. Love you!

Consignment Furniture might be the answer

So you’ve inherited all of Aunt Mabel’s furniture. Approach it as a grand adventure not a daunting task! Say you have decided you only want her dining table and wish to divest yourself of everything else, your next call should be to eyedia. As Louisville’s premier furniture consignment store, eyedia can help plan the next few steps and replace your chaos with calm.

Eyedia has provided quality consignment furniture and home decor since 2004. The staff works hard to study trends in design, researching the old and the new, enabling customers to feel confident their items will be priced to assure a win-win situation for all. Whether it be a mid-century Heywood Wakefield table, a traditional cherry dining room set or a funky re-purposed cabinet made from an old chicken coop, eyedia strives to bring a wide variety of items to the consumer, at far below the price of new pieces.

So what about Aunt Mabel’s stuff? Ok, you want the dining table. Now, ask relatives to do a quick walk through. Anybody else want anything? No? Good! Here we go!

  • Pile #1 Trash. Broken, stained, worn-out. Put it in the trash!
  • Pile #2 Donate. Out of style, anything mauve, bad art, ugly lamps. Call your favorite charity!
  • Pile #3 Consign with eyedia. Useable, stylish, quality furniture and home decor. Call eyedia!

Not sure what “bad art” is? We will tell you, gently. We might also have to do a reality check regarding TV armoires and Mabel’s pink floral sofa, but we will do it with all due respect to you and Mabel.

Don’t go it alone! Let’s talk. We will get through this together.

Louisville Stoneware Country Blue Flower

Rare Duck Cassarole Country Blue Flower by Louisville Stoneware

Interested in having a rare piece of local flare showcased in your kitchen? Maybe you’ve been eyeing the Country Flower Blue pattern for some time or you’re missing a key piece of your current set, then this would be the perfect dish for you. Eyedia received a rare and local set of Louisville Stoneware Country Blue Flower.

Louisville Stoneware was established in 1815 and has a rich history for this area. The Country Flower Blue pattern, featured on the set we received is in perfect condition!
Take a look at all the pieces below.

We have specialty pieces like this Duck Casserole Dish.
 It measures  13 inches from handle to handle and four inches tall.              


You can add a 32 piece set to add to your collections

Or just replace a couple of pieces you are missing!